Bath linen

“100% cotton bath linen” collection

Opt for the pleasure of Perle de cotton bath linen. A quality sponge, resistant to washing, which retains its softness and color.

Discover our Collection of High-End Bath Linen “Perle de Coton”: Elegance and Quality

Bath linens are an essential part of our daily lives, and nothing beats the feeling of softness and luxury that a collection of high-end bath linens provides. At "Perle de Coton", we are proud to present our range of high quality French bath linen, designed to offer you an unrivaled experience.

High-end comfort

The “Perle de Coton” high-end bath linen collection embodies luxury and elegance at their peak. The plain bath towels, available in black, white, gray, red, orange, pink, beige, green and yellow, are perfect for men and women. Each one is carefully designed to meet the highest standards of quality and comfort.

French quality

We are proud to offer French-made bath linen under the “Perle de Coton” brand, synonymous with exceptional know-how and superior quality. Each piece in our collection is crafted with precision to ensure optimal absorption and remarkable durability.

Variety of Sizes

To meet your individual needs, the premium bath linen collection "Perle de Coton" includes a variety of sizes, including bath mats (50x80 cm), bath sheets (100x150 cm), shower sheets (70x140 cm), guest towels (50x30 cm), hand towels (50x100 cm) and washcloths (16x21 cm). You'll find the perfect size for every member of your family.

Bath Linen for Hotel and Luxury

If you are looking for premium quality bath linens for your hotel or luxury home, the “Perle de Coton” collection is ideal. Plain bath towels offer an understated, sophisticated aesthetic, while the exceptional quality ensures an unforgettable bathing experience for your guests.

Vibrant Colors

Whether you prefer the timeless chic of black and white, the serenity of gray, the passion of red, or the vibrant tones of orange, pink, beige, green and yellow, the bath linen collection “Perle de Coton” offers you a range of colors to satisfy all tastes. In summary, the high-end “Perle de Coton” bath linen collection is the perfect choice for those who appreciate luxury, quality and elegance. Experience ultimate comfort with our French-made plain bath towels. Treat yourself to the best and transform your bath routine into a moment of pure pleasure. Explore the “Perle de Coton” collection today and discover why our premium bath linen is the preferred choice for luxury connoisseurs.