Choosing a suitable fitted sheet is essential to guarantee comfortable and restful nights. Our 160x200 sheet is designed to fit perfectly on beds of different heights. Discover all our models, materials, colors and cup sizes. Also find our tips and tricks.

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100% cotton satin fitted sheet

Discover the ultimate luxury with our 120 thread count cotton sateen fitted sheet, specially designed for dimensions 160x200 cm.
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100% cotton percale fitted sheet

Discover absolute comfort with our fitted sheets in 80 thread count cotton percale, adapted to dimensions 160x200 cm

Advice for your purchase

Discover our range of 160x200 bed sheets, ideal for all mattress heights.

Understanding Size

For a perfect fit and optimal comfort, it is important to choose the right size. The 160x200 fitted sheets for thick mattresses are specially designed to adapt to very thick mattresses.

These thick 160x200 mattress fitted sheets ensure optimal support and superior comfort, even for the thickest mattresses.


Fit and comfort

A good fitted sheet should not only be the right size, but also offer a perfect fit for optimal comfort. Our 160x200 sheets are designed to fit your bed perfectly, ensuring a peaceful and restorative night's sleep.

Choose our 160x200 bed sheets for a perfect fit and unparalleled comfort.

By choosing our quality bedding, you ensure comfortable nights and a bed that is always well made. Whether you have a thick or standard mattress, our range of sheets for 160x200 bed meets all your needs.

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The advantages of pearl cotton fitted sheets


Optimal comfort

160x200 fitted sheets are renowned for their exceptional comfort. Made with high quality cotton, these sheets offer incomparable softness and a pleasant touch. A 160 x 200 cm fitted sheet ensures a feeling of optimal comfort.

It makes it an ideal choice for all seasons. Opt for a 160 x 200 fitted sheet to enjoy a restful and pleasant sleep.


A design that lives up to your dreams

The luxury fitted sheet measuring 160 cm wide and 200 cm long offers a multitude of possibilities in terms of styles and colors, allowing you to find the one that perfectly matches your decor. Whether you are looking for a classic and timeless aesthetic or a touch of modernity and originality, you will certainly find the fitted sheet that will enhance your bedroom.



Designed to withstand numerous washes without losing their shape or softness. The 160 200 fitted sheets are a wise choice for your bedding. They maintain their shine and quality over time, giving you a reliable and durable product. Choose 160x200 fitted sheets for their exceptional resistance and longevity, thus guaranteeing a bed that is always welcoming and comfortable.

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The different cup sizes


Fitted sheet 160x200 cup 30

For standard mattresses, a 160x200 fitted sheet with a 30 cm width is perfectly suited.

This type of sheet for a 160x200 bed offers a precise fit, ensuring that the sheet stays in place all night long. The 160x200 fitted sheet 30 cm size is designed to wrap the mattress effortlessly. It thus offers optimal comfort and secure support.


Fitted sheet 160x200 cup 35

For thicker mattresses, a 160x200 fitted sheet with a 35 cm width is recommended.

This fitted sheet for 160x200 bed is ideal for those looking for a perfect fit for thicker mattresses. The 160x200 bed fitted sheet with a 35 cm width ensures complete coverage of the mattress. It thus guarantees continuous comfort and a neat appearance.


Fitted sheet 160x200 cup 40

For very thick mattresses or with a mattress topper, a 160x200 fitted sheet with a 40 cm width is the ideal solution.

The 160x200 large fitted sheet is designed to provide optimal support even for the largest mattresses. This 160x200 large fitted sheet 40 cm is perfect for very thick mattresses.

Drap housse 160x200

The different cotton materials and thread count

Find out more about 57 thread count cotton, 80 thread count percale and 120 thread count sateen.

Traditional 57 thread count cotton

Traditional cotton is appreciated for its simplicity and comfort.

A 160x200 fitted sheet in 57 thread count cotton offers a soft and pleasant texture for everyday use.

This type of material is very appreciated for its resistance and maintenance. These 160x200 cotton fitted sheets are ideal for those looking for a reliable product without sacrificing quality. The 160x200 cotton fitted sheet in 57 thread count combines durability and comfort, making it a popular choice for many homes.


80 thread count cotton percale

Enjoy the best in percale bedding.

Our 160x200 percale fitted sheets are made with high quality 80 thread count cotton. They offer a feeling of freshness and unparalleled softness.

The 160x200 80 thread count percale fitted sheet is not only durable, but also resistant to repeated washing. Opt for a 160x200 cotton percale fitted sheet for a silky touch and an exceptional sleeping experience. The 160 x 200 80 thread count cotton percale fitted sheet is perfect for those looking for a high-end product.


Cotton satin 120 thread count

The 160x200 cotton sateen fitted sheets are made from 120 thread count, offering an elegant shine and an ultra-soft feel.

The 160x200 120 thread count cotton satin fitted sheet is ideal for adding a touch of softness to their bedroom. With our 160x200 cotton satin fitted sheets , you benefit from a durable product, which transforms your bed into a true haven of peace.

The plain fitted sheet on promotion and reduced price


Winter and summer sales

Take advantage of the winter and summer sales to buy an inexpensive 160x200 fitted sheet. These times of year offer significant discounts on a wide range of products, including our cheap 160x200 fitted sheets . This is the ideal opportunity to renew your bed linen while saving money.


Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

Events like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are perfect for finding cheap 160x200 fitted sheets . During these times, we offer unbeatable prices, allowing you to get quality bedding at a lower cost. Don't miss these exceptional offers to improve the comfort of your bed by purchasing our cheap 160x200 fitted sheets .


Our range of fitted sheets at reduced prices

Discover our range of discounted fitted sheets, including cotton and percale options. You will find inexpensive 160x200 cotton fitted sheets , perfect for lasting comfort and unrivaled softness. For those looking for a more luxurious feel, our 160x200 percale fitted sheets on sale are an excellent option. These high-quality sheets are available at discounted prices to satisfy every budget.

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Order your 200x160 fitted sheets now

Don't miss the opportunity to improve your sleeping comfort with our 160x200 fitted sheets at reduced prices. Order your fitted sheet today and take advantage of the best deals on high quality products. Whether you are looking for a 160x200 sheet, we have what you need to transform your bed into a real cocoon of comfort.

The benefits of cotton sheets

To choose the best fitted sheet for your 160x200 bed, cotton remains a first choice option. Here's why :

Superior comfort

Cotton is known for its softness, providing optimal comfort all year round.


Increased durability

Cotton fitted sheets are generally sturdy and hard-wearing, ensuring a long lifespan.


Ease of maintenance

They are easy to maintain, being machine washable and retaining their quality after multiple washes.


For all seasons

Cotton naturally regulates temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

For a 160x200 cotton fitted sheet , you can also consider Egyptian cotton for an even more luxurious feel. Choose organic cotton if you prefer a 100% natural option. These choices not only ensure comfort and durability, but also a better sleeping experience.

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Our other dimensions

Choose the fitted sheet size that matches your bed:

Order today and receive your package within 2-5 business days. Delivery is free for all orders over 60 euros. Complete your household linen with a flat sheet, duvet cover and pillowcases.

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Is the 160x200 fitted sheet compatible with my double bed?

To know if a 160x200 fitted sheet is suitable for your double bed, it is important to consider the following points:

  • Standard dimensions : A 160x200 fitted sheet is designed for a mattress measuring 160 cm wide by 200 cm long. It is typically suitable for a double or queen-size bed.
  • Fits your bed : Before purchasing, check the exact dimensions of your mattress to ensure the fitted sheet fits correctly.
  • Practical and comfortable : This type of fitted sheet is commonly used in bedrooms for two people. It offers a practical solution for dressing your bed with comfort and ease.

By choosing a 160x200 fitted sheet, you ensure that you have a size suitable for most standard double beds. They thus guarantee a pleasant and well-adjusted sleeping experience.


Is my 160x200 sheet suitable for my queen size mattress?

To determine if your fitted sheet is suitable for your Queen Size mattress measuring 160x200 cm, first measure your mattress. A 160x200 cm mattress sheet is designed for a mattress of this size. Make sure the dimensions match exactly for an optimal fit: 160 cm width and 200 cm length.

Also check the depth of the mattress to ensure that the fitted sheet can cover it completely without excessive tension. Using the incorrectly sized fitted sheet may result in wrinkles or poor fit. This could affect the comfort and durability of the bedding.


What cup depth is suitable for mattresses size 160x200 cm?

For a 160x200 cm mattress, you can choose a fitted sheet with a standard depth of approximately 25 to 30 cm.


What is the difference between cotton percale and cotton satin for a fitted sheet?

Cotton percale is known for its soft texture, while cotton sateen has a shiny, silky finish. The choice depends on your preferences in terms of feel and appearance.


Are 160x200 cm fitted sheets anti-mites?

Our bed protectors measuring 160x200 cm are treated against dust mites and allergens.


Can I use a 160x200 cm fitted sheet with a mattress topper?

Yes, you can use a 160x200 cm fitted sheet with a mattress topper. However, make sure you choose a cup depth that is sufficient to cover the mattress and topper.


Are 160x200 cm fitted sheets suitable for memory foam mattresses?

Yes, 160x200 cm fitted sheets generally adapt well to memory foam mattresses. Make sure you choose an appropriate cup depth for the perfect fit.