The 220x240 or 240x220 cm duvet cover is an essential element of bedding. It helps protect and add style. Learn more about our duvet sets, their benefits, and answers to frequently asked questions. Find the 220x240 cm duvet cover that suits you.

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Choose percale, satin, linen or cotton gauze?

Take advantage of a wide choice of materials and weaving. Discover the benefits of each fabric from the buying guide below.

Duvet cover 240x220 cotton

Buying a 220x240 cotton duvet cover set has several advantages. They are easy to maintain, resistant to frequent washing, making them ideal for people with sensitive skin.

The 220x240 cotton duvet cover is a great classic. Order with your eyes closed.

Enjoy the best of the 100% cotton duvet cover 220x240 . Choose a beautiful set to spend peaceful nights.


The pleasure of the cotton percale duvet cover 220x240

Incomparable softness

The 240x220 80 thread count cotton percale duvet cover offers optimal comfort while sleeping. This material is renowned for its smooth texture, thus providing a premium sleeping experience. The reverse size of the 240x220 percale duvet cover set is also available.

Softness and freshness

Thanks to its high-quality cotton construction, the 220x240 cotton percale duvet cover ensures air circulation. This helps regulate body temperature during the night, keeping you cool and comfortable whatever the season.

The 220x240 percale duvet cover is particularly ideal for hot summer nights. Compared to cotton satin, the 240x220 cotton percale duvet cover offers more freshness.


Duvet cover 220x240 cotton satin 120 thread count for unique elegance

Sleeping has never been so pleasant

The 220x240 cotton satin duvet cover ensures restful nights' sleep. Thanks to its silky texture, it provides a very pleasant enveloping sensation.

Sleep better

This cover adds a touch of finesse to your room. Its smooth texture gives your bed a luxurious look and transforms the atmosphere of your bedroom.


The lightness of the cotton gauze duvet cover 220 x 240

An airy feeling

The 220x240 cotton gauze duvet cover creates a delicate feeling on the skin. Wrapped in this 220 x 240 cotton gauze duvet cover , you feel as if you are floating on a cloud.

Go to bed with pleasure

These sheet covers bring a soft look to your bedroom. The appearance of the natural fibers of this textile creates a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. With its delicate folds, it adds a touch of rusticity to your decor.


Enjoy the authenticity of the 220x240 washed linen duvet cover

Rustic elegance

The authenticity of the linen duvet cover 220x240 brings a certain elegance to your bedroom. With its natural appearance and subtle shades, linen adds an original aesthetic to your bedroom.

Thus, the 220 x 240 washed linen duvet cover will accompany you properly during your summer nights.

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The different ranges available


Affordable quality

If you're looking for a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality, our collection offers you good value for money.

We understand the importance of respecting your budget while offering you products that meet your expectations. Cheap 220x240 duvet covers are designed to meet your needs without emptying your wallet. Take advantage of an attractive price while benefiting from delivery offered.


High-end 220x240 duvet cover

For those looking for a luxurious sleeping experience, opt for materials like satin or washed linen. Made with premium fabric to sleep well. The 220x240 luxury duvet cover is designed to offer comfort worthy of the greatest hotels.


How to choose the style that suits you?

Timeless simplicity meets elegance. Unique embroidery, colors and designs.

The choice of style

The style of your cover plays a vital role in creating the ambiance of your room.

A fan of a traditional style or rather something unique? We offer a wide variety of patterned 240x220 duvet cover collection sets.


Wide choice of plain duvet covers 220 x 240 cm

If you are attracted by simplicity, the 220x240 plain duvet cover is the perfect choice. Available in a range of calming colors, they will create an atmosphere of calm in your bedroom.

Made from pure cotton, the 240x220 plain duvet cover offers a soft feel for peaceful nights' sleep. Two-tone or reversible, you have the choice.


Patterns for your space

Express your personality and give free rein to your creativity with a colorful 220x240 duvet cover set. Whether you're looking for expressive patterns or unique designs, our selection will allow you to create a sleep space that suits you.

Opt for vibrant colors and bold patterns for a touch of dynamism in your bedroom.

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Collections for the whole family


Duvet set 220 x 240 for adults

The queen size duvet cover is perfect for adults. With our wide selection, you can choose the queen size duvet cover that best suits your personal style.


Duvet set 220x240 for children

Transform your children's bedroom into a dream space with a 240/220 bed set.

The 220x240 children's duvet cover features designs that will stimulate their imagination.

Enjoy a beautiful, durable and easily washable set. Quick drying in the tumble dryer to preserve your box spring.

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Why choose a hotel quality duvet cover for your bedroom?

Find out more about our exceptional bed linen. Advantages and benefits detailed below.

The pleasure of luxury every day

Our range of covers will give you a luxury bed experience every night. Premium materials and refined design will ensure a comfortable night's sleep.


Neat finishes: bottle flap duvet cover

Our 220x240 duvet covers with bottle flap are made of pure cotton. We offer them with matching pillowcases, printed designs and stylish stripes.


Standard dimensions

Suitable for dimensions 220x240 and 240x220, order with flannel pillowcases, 100% cotton flat sheets and textile cushions. We choose the best textiles and protections to give you ultimate comfort in your room every day!


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What is the width of a 220 x 240 duvet cover?

The 220 by 240 duvet cover has a width of 220 centimeters. Be sure to check this dimension when purchasing to ensure proper fit.


What is the height of a 220 x 240 duvet cover?

The 220 by 240 duvet cover has a height of 240 centimeters. Be sure to check this dimension when purchasing to ensure proper fit.


What is the difference between 240 x 220 and 220 x 240 duvet covers?

The main difference between a 220 240 duvet cover and a 240 220 duvet cover is the size.

220x240: The main dimension is the width, which measures 220 centimeters. The length is 240 centimeters. This size is suitable for duvets or comforters of similar dimensions.

240x220: The main dimension is the width, which measures 240 centimeters. The length is 220 centimeters. This size is also designed for matching duvets or comforters.


How big is a duvet cover for a queen size bed?

For a queen size bed, the standard duvet cover size is usually 220cm x 240cm.


What is the size of the duvet cover for a double bed?

The ideal for a double bed is a 220x240 cm duvet cover. This size offers generous coverage that can wrap the bed well and provide optimal comfort for two people.