Fitted sheet 180x200

Immerse yourself in a cocoon of softness with our cotton percale or cotton satin fitted sheets, available in size 180x200. Meticulously made from high-quality fibers, these sheets provide you with unparalleled comfort and a peaceful night's sleep.

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80 thread count cotton percale fitted sheet

Explore absolute comfort with our fitted sheet in 80 thread count cotton percale, perfectly adapted to the dimensions 180x200 cm.
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120 thread count cotton satin fitted sheet

Discover ultimate luxury with our 120 thread count cotton sateen fitted sheet, specially designed for dimensions 180x200 cm.

Fitted Sheets 200x180 cm: luxury and comfort for your mattress


Choice of high quality materials

Our fitted sheets are expertly crafted from high-quality materials, providing a luxurious feel to every night's sleep. Cotton sateen is renowned for its softness and subtle sheen, providing a luxurious sleeping experience. On the other hand, cotton percale, with its soft texture, offers a feeling of unparalleled freshness and comfort.


Variety of colors and patterns

Our fitted sheets are available in a variety of colors to suit all tastes and decorating preferences. Whether you prefer neutral, calming tones to create a relaxing ambiance, or bold tones to add a touch of personality to your bedroom, our collection offers a multitude of options. With colors ranging from pure white to charcoal gray, you're sure to find the perfect fitted sheet to complete your bedding set.

Fitted sheets suitable for a mattress measuring 180x200 cm


Suitable size

Our fitted sheets are specially designed to fit your mattress measuring 200 x 180 cm, ensuring a perfect fit and secure hold. The importance of having fitted sheets tailored to the exact size of your mattress cannot be underestimated, as this not only ensures a neat and stylish look, but also optimal comfort.


Reinforced durability

With their tailored fit and sturdy construction, our white 200 x 180 cm fitted sheets are built to last. By avoiding excessive wrinkling and maintaining a secure fit throughout the night, our fitted sheets preserve the quality of your bedding and extend its lifespan. So you can enjoy optimal comfort for many nights to come, without having to worry about replacing your fitted sheets frequently.

High-end bed protection 180 x 200 cm


Comfort and protection

Our bed protectors for 180 x 200 cm mattresses are designed to offer optimal comfort while preserving the quality of your mattress. Made with high quality materials, they provide additional protection against wear, stains and dust mites, ensuring the durability of your bedding.


Breathability and hygiene

With their breathable design, our bed protectors allow air to circulate freely, helping to regulate the temperature of your mattress and preventing moisture build-up. This creates a fresh and hygienic sleeping environment, essential for a restful night's rest.

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Luxury sheet cover for 200x180 bed


Adaptability and support

Our bed protectors are specially designed to adapt perfectly to mattresses measuring 180 x 200 cm. Equipped with elastic at the edges, they adjust easily and stay in place all night, ensuring optimal support and uninterrupted sleep.


Aesthetics and style

In addition to their functional qualities, our bed protectors add an aesthetic touch to your bedroom. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, they coordinate perfectly with your existing bedding, adding a touch of style and elegance to your sleep space.

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What is the difference between a cotton percale and cotton satin fitted sheet for a size 180x200 cm?

Cotton percale fitted sheets are renowned for their soft texture, breathability and durability, while cotton sateen fitted sheets offer a luxurious and fine feel with their smooth, shiny surface. Choose based on your comfort and style preferences


What are the advantages of a washed linen fitted sheet for a 180 x 200 cm mattress?

Washed linen fitted sheets are appreciated for their natural thermoregulation, their increased softness after each wash and their slightly wrinkled appearance which adds a relaxed touch to your bedding. Opt for washed linen if you want a naturally elegant look and breathable comfort.


Can I use a 200X180 cm fitted sheet on a thicker mattress?

Yes, if your mattress is thicker than normal, you can choose a fitted sheet with a deeper pocket to ensure a perfect fit. Make sure you measure the thickness of your mattress correctly to choose the right bonnet option.


How can I match my 200 x 180 cm fitted sheet to my interior decoration?

You can match the color of your fitted sheet to the color palette of your bedroom by choosing complementary tones or opting for subtle contrasts. Also consider the style of your bedding and other decorative elements in your bedroom to create a harmonious ambiance.


What care is recommended for a cotton satin fitted sheet measuring 180 cm wide and 200 cm long?

To preserve the softness and shine of cotton sateen, wash your fitted sheet at low temperature with a mild detergent and avoid using fabric softener. Air dry it or use a tumble dryer on low heat. Iron it inside out at low heat if necessary to remove wrinkles.


Are fitted sheets measuring 180x200 cm suitable for electric beds?

Yes, fitted sheets with lifting head and foot caps are particularly suitable for electric beds, because they stay in place even when the mattress is tilted. Make sure you choose the right size and cup depth for the perfect fit.