Bed set 220x240

The 220x240 cm bed set is a must-have in the bedroom. Let yourself be tempted by the incredible quality of our bed linen sets.

The advantages of our 220 x 240 cm bed sets


Comfort and pleasure for peaceful nights

220 x 240 cm bed linen is the ideal solution for Queen Size beds and people looking for optimal comfort. Wrap yourself in a soft and large bedding set measuring 240 x 220 for a deep and restorative sleep.


Varied styles for all tastes

Express your personality through a multitude of colors and patterns:

  • Floral and bohemian patterns: For a romantic and cocooning atmosphere choose the 220x240 cm designer cotton duvets.

Durability, finishes and techniques

Our brand is committed to providing our customers with exceptionally durable 220x240 bedding sets, designed to stand the test of time. We use cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to guarantee impeccable finishes, ensuring superior quality in each piece. Each set is made with the greatest care, combining traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation.

parure de lit couleur dorée avec liserés bleu marine

Unrivaled softness

Let yourself be tempted by the pleasure of the 240x220 cm sets in 120 thread count cotton satin.
WYATT - Bedding set
Perle de coton

WYATT - Bedding set

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From €37,46
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From €37,46
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Parure de lit bleue avec motifs blancs

Quality sleep

Enjoy long nights of sleep thanks to your 240x220 cm duvet covers.
PHEONIX - Bedding set
housse de couette 240 x 220
Perle de coton

PHEONIX - Bedding set

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From €37,46
Sale price
From €37,46
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Discover the different materials of 240x220 bed linen and their benefits


Bed sets 220x240 100% hypoallergenic cotton

The pleasure of cotton

Improve the quality of your sleep with our selection of 220x240 bed sets in 100% cotton .

Treat yourself to the best of softness and quality, for an incomparable sleeping experience. Carefully made from natural fibers, the 220 x 240 cm cotton single bed sets envelop you in luxurious comfort.

Cotton, a guarantee of quality and comfort

Explore the perfection of sleep with the range of 220/240 bed linen in pure cotton . This naturally soft textile guarantees a feeling of freshness all night long.

The 100 cotton 220x240 bed sets are carefully crafted to offer you a delicate touch and exceptional durability. Treat yourself to the luxury of softness with cotton sets.


The softness of 220 x 240 bed sets in 80 thread count cotton percale

The elegance of percale

Discover our site for 220 x 240 cotton percale bed set for 2 people , where elegance creates a unique sleeping experience.

Made with high quality fabric, the 240/220 bedspread covers in 80 thread count cotton percale guarantee you optimal comfort. Transform your resting space into a luxury retreat with our cotton percale items, for peaceful and elegant nights' sleep.

Absolute softness

Sleep better with the 220 x 240 cm bed set in 80 thread count cotton percale. It combines softness and superior quality for a perfect night's sleep.

Carefully made from natural fibers, the 240/220 cotton percale bed sheet offers an incomparably soft feeling. Designed to perfectly fit your mattress and provide an impeccable fit.


220x240 bed set in luxury 120 thread count cotton sateen

For a unique sleeping experience

Enjoy the pleasure of beautiful 220x240 cm satin cotton bed sets , a perfect combination of comfort and elegance. Made with quality fabric, they offer a silky soft feel for excellent sleep.

Sleep better thanks to 120 thread count cotton sateen

The 240/220 bed linen in luxury cotton sateen combines comfort and sophistication to offer you a soft touch and a shiny appearance.

Also discover the 220/240 cm bed sets for 2 people in cotton satin , ideal for sharing moments of comfort and complicity.


The pleasure of 220 x 240 bed sets in 160g/cm² washed linen

The natural elegance of washed linen bed linen

Let yourself be tempted by the authenticity of washed linen with the 220 x 240 linen bed set , a perfect choice for those looking for style.

It offers a soft texture and a slightly crinkled appearance, which brings a touch of elegant rusticity to your room.

Complete your decor with the soft washed linen bedspread , bringing warmth to your rest space. Treat yourself to the luxury of washed linen bedding for a luxurious sleeping experience.

Authentic sweetness

Fall for the 220 x 240 cm bed set in 160 g/cm² linen designed to offer you restful sleep.

It offers a soft texture and pleasant touch, perfect for an incomparable sleeping experience. Complete your bedding set with the 220 x 240 bed set in 100% linen .


Ultimate luxury of 220x240 bed sets in 19 momme silk

The pleasure of silk

Discover the ultimate in comfort with 220/240 bed linen in 19 momme silk . Made from high quality silk, they offer an incomparable feeling of softness and luxury.

Treat yourself to a restful night's sleep with 220 x 240 luxury silk bed linen . Let yourself be seduced by their delicate touch and incomparable comfort.

Sleep in luxury sheets

Treat yourself to an exceptional sleeping experience with our high-end silk 220 x 240 bed linen set . This set envelops you in silky softness and incomparable comfort for restful nights' sleep.

Fall for the silky 240 x 220 sheet sets, which add a touch of elegance to your bedroom.

The different ranges of 240 x 220 cm bed kits

Treat yourself to a sleeping experience worthy of the largest hotels with a bed set measuring 220x240 cm.

Cheap 220x240 bed sets

Solutions for all budgets

Discover the best of affordable 220x240 bed linens , offering exceptional comfort.

The economical 220*240 bed sets are designed to meet your needs while respecting your budget. With quality textiles and an elegant design, they offer you the perfect combination of style and accessibility.

Treat yourself to luxury at a low price and enjoy restful sleep in an environment that reflects your style and personality.

Affordable comfort

Discover our selection of inexpensive 220x240 cotton bed sets , ideal for sleeping in luxury linen without breaking the bank.

220*240 bed sheets at low prices allow you to benefit from restful sleep in quality bedding.

Don't compromise quality for price. Enjoy a comfortable and welcoming bedroom without worrying about your wallet.


High-end 220/240 cm bed set

Luxurious and comfortable sleep

Our new collection of quality linens features high-end bed sheets in generous dimensions of 220/240 cm . Designed for luxury lovers, it combines elegant design with impeccable manufacturing.

Premium bed sheets are made from the finest fabrics to ensure a comfortable feeling all night long.

Exceptional nights

Discover our exclusive selection of hotel quality 220*240 bed linen .

Made with attention to detail and premium materials, our products offer unparalleled comfort and exceptional durability.

Opt for a superior quality 240 x 220 bed set and let yourself be enveloped in comfort worthy of the greatest hotel establishments.


Luxury 220/240 cm sheet set

A unique sleep

Let yourself be tempted by our exclusive selection of super luxury 220 x 240 bed sheets . Every detail is carefully thought out to provide you with optimal comfort and a feeling of luxury every night.

Created with meticulous attention to finishes, quality 220 x 240 bedding sets are the perfect choice for those looking for high-end bedding.

Ultimate luxury

The brand's 220/240 bed sets offer you incomparable style and comfort. Each piece is made with the finest materials to ensure premium quality and a soft feel.

Fall for excellence and let yourself be enveloped in luxury with the best high-end 220/240 bed set for unforgettable nights of sleep.

Parure de lit vert clair avec motifs floraux en satin de coton


THAISA - Bed set
Perle de coton

THAISA - Bed set

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From €37,46
Sale price
From €37,46
Regular price
Housse de couette avec motifs colorés


PISANO - Bed set
Perle de coton

PISANO - Bed set

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From €37,46
Sale price
From €37,46
Regular price

Plain 220x240 sheet set


Fall for the softness of light colors

Let yourself be seduced by the simplicity and elegance of the plain white 220 x 240 bed sets and other light solid colors. Our plain bedding sets provide the perfect backdrop to create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom.

The soft 220 x 240 beige bed set brings a touch of freshness creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Also discover other solid shades such as sky blue or powder pink for a soft and relaxing aesthetic. Let yourself be carried away into a world of comfort and tranquility with the plain 240x220 light sets .


Opt for a modern and dark style

Enjoy the elegance of the plain 240/220 bed sets .

This range includes a variety of rich and deep shades, including the 240/220 terracotta bedding set , ideal for creating a luxurious ambiance.

Discover other dark shades such as anthracite gray, midnight blue or burgundy for a modern aesthetic. Let yourself be enchanted by the chic and captivating look of the 220 x 240 plain black bedding sets .

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Find your 240/220 cm bed set at a reduced price


220x240 bedding set on sale

Exceptional offers

Opt for the exclusive selection of 220 x 240 cm bed linen on sale , where quality and savings meet. Take advantage of our hotel linen clearance to equip yourself with household linen without breaking the bank.

Explore our range of inexpensive 220 x 240 cm bed linen and don't miss our exceptional offers at low prices.

Elegance at a reduced price

Treat yourself without spending too much with our collection of 220*240 bed linen on sale . Each piece in our sale range offers the perfect combination of style and savings, allowing you to create a stylish bedroom without breaking your budget.

No matter what you're looking for, our selection of bedding sets on sale will meet all your needs.

Take this opportunity to update your bedding with quality items at unbeatable prices.


Promo 240/220 bed kits for subscribers to our newsletter

Exclusive offers

Sleep in luxury at a reduced price with our exclusive offers on 220/240 cm bed linen on sale , reserved for subscribers to our newsletter.

As a subscriber, you benefit from exclusive benefits, including regular promotions on our clearance household linen .

Take advantage of these deals to update your bedding with premium items at unbeatable prices. Join our subscriber list today to access these offers.

Subscriber benefits

By subscribing to our newsletter, you benefit from an exceptional reduction of -20% to -60% on your first order. Take this opportunity to beautify your bedroom with high-end 220 x 240 bed sets at a reduced price .


Buy a complete 220*240 cm bedding set inexpensively during various events

Event Opportunities

Take advantage of exceptional offers during special events to acquire your 220x240 black friday bedding sets . With incredible discounts on a variety of products, now is the perfect time to get the linens you've always wanted.

During Cyber ​​Monday, discover exclusive offers for absolute comfort at a lower cost.

Don't miss the French Days either, where you can find 220/240 cm bed sheets at unbeatable prices .

Special offers

Buy 220 x 240 bed linen on sale and save on quality items.

Take advantage of attractive discounts on a variety of items during our promotional events. With attractive offers and unbeatable prices, you can create a comfortable and stylish sleeping environment without breaking your budget.

Choose the elements of your 220*240 bed set


Choose the right duvet cover for your set

Enjoy the pleasure of everyday comfort by choosing the 220x240 duvet cover that suits you. Browse our site to select the material and color/design that suits you.


The 270x300 flat sheet generally associated

Treat yourself to luxurious comfort with our 270 x 300 cm flat sheet . Carefully crafted from quality fabric, this flat sheet wraps you in unrivaled softness for peaceful nights of rest.


Choose the fitted sheet that suits you

Comfort and protection: fitted sheet for 2 people

Protect your mattress with our fitted sheet 180x200 or 200x200 cm . These two dimensions are suitable for the king size double bed and your 220x240 bedding set.


Pillowcases to match your 220/240 cm set

Our collection of pillowcases offers a variety of sizes. Find a standard size 50x70 rectangle pillowcase or an 80x80 square pillowcase.

Order your 220x240 bed set today

Order a unique 220 x 240 bed set now. Thanks to our website, ordering has never been so simple. Create an account, choose the items you want and receive your order between 2 to 5 working days.

Free delivery for all orders over €60.



For what size bed is a 220x240 cm bed set suitable?

A 220x240 cm bedding set is ideal for a Queen Size bed. It is also perfectly suited to standard “King size” double beds for more room on the sides.


How to find high-end 240x220 bed linen on sale?

To find high-end 240 x 220 bed linens on sale, keep an eye out for promotional periods. Subscribe to our newsletters, explore specialized sites and visit our physical stores offering regular promotions.


What is the difference between the dimensions of 220 x 240 and 240 x 220 bed sets?

The difference lies in the orientation of the dimensions: 220 x 240 means 220 cm wide by 240 cm long, while 240 x 220 represents the same dimensions but in the other direction.


How to maintain your 220x240 bed set?

To care for it, follow the product washing instructions, use a mild detergent. Avoid harsh bleaches, avoid ironing at high temperatures, and wash sheets separately from other clothing.


Which 220x240 bed set material to choose depending on the season?

In summer, choose light, cool fabrics like cotton or linen, which absorb moisture and promote air circulation to keep you cool. In winter, choose warmer, insulating fabrics like cotton percale, which will give you a feeling of warmth and comfort.